Colors....cute, colored and versatile - that is the title of the new programme by Bozen Brass which will be played and shown on 31st july for the first time. Directly from Paris could be the subtitle which is not only valid for the new suits, which just arrived from France.

It is a continuation of „Black or White“, and both programmes are not mutually exclusive. Both programmes will be offered in parallel. Concert organizers will have to chose whether they want two or more colors.

Colors also includes famous classic music (Schumann and Mendelssohn) harmonically arranged by Robert Neumair. His arrangements of well-known songs by Earth, Wind and Fire, Toto, Edith Piaf, Jamiroquai, Kastelruther Spatzen, Michel Camilo and others make colors a cool, colorful, varied programme without following musical history.

The title „Colors“ stems from the versatility and the chromaticity of the music and the colored suits worn by the musicians. It also stands for different tone colors, not only from brass instruments but also from accordion, harmonica, guitar and drumset played by one of the five musicians.