Christmas concert

The advent time is supposed to be calm and contemplative. This does not mean that music is prohibited, but that people shoud camly prepare christmas. Even though this is not easy, an advent concert can be an island of rest in the bustling time before christmas.

Traditional christmas songs, festive or calm brass sounds, dynamic American christmas songs, all this fits an advent or christmas concert.

And what about a contemplative, festive concert on christmas?  

In 2010 Bozen Brass offered something extraordinary with "Soul Cake", the christmas programme which combined brass music with a jazz voice.

Sample programme brass quintet

  • Andachtsjodler - traditional
  • Maria durch ein Dornwald ging - traditional (arr. Robert Neumair)
  • Partita in B - J. S. Bach (arr. Robert Neumair)
  • Präludium, Menuett, Menuett, Allemande
  • 2 christmas traditionals (arr. Robert Neumair)
  • Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her - M. Praetorius (arr. Robert Neumair)
  • Es ist ein Ros entsprungen - M. Praetorius
  • Salve Regina - G. Puccini (arr. Robert Neumair)
  • Biabele Liabele du - traditional (arr. Robert Neumair)
  • Tu scendi dalle stelle - italian traditional (arr. Robert Neumair)
  • Aria mit Variationen - G.F. Händel (arr. Robert Neumair)