Robert Neumair

At the tender age of 1 1/2 years Robert Neumair already got in touch with his father's accordion. One year later the picture with his own instrument and the hat was taken. When Robert was 3 years old, his father taught him how to play a Styrian harmonica. And the yound musician did it so well that he was soon able to play in public.

No wonder that Robert needed a new musical challenge when he was 6 years old. He found it - it was the piano and his teacher Bruno Elzenbaumer. Later he called him "the best teacher I ever had". But this was still not enough, because one year later he started learning trumpet with Kurt Haller.

At the age of 13 he went to professor Erich Rinner at Innsbruck music academy and entered the symphonic orchestra of Bavarian Radio as a trainee to get useful practical experience for his music career.

Robert Neumair - Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Robert Neumair

Robert Neumair has been on board since 2003. Together with Anton Ludwig Wilhalm he plays trumpet and bugle. From time to time they also sing together.

But Robert has even more talents. He masters the drumset and also plays a solo on his accordion, if required.

Last but not least it is due to Robert Neumair that Bozen Brass plays individual pieces of music, he composed or arranged for the quintet.

Apart from Bozen Brass

Apart from Bozen Brass Robert Neumair is second solo trumpet player of German Radio Philharmony, where he has been playing since 2004

If he has enough time he also enjoys playing with his friends in a band called Chemietuttn or he works as a music teacher for selected yound musicians.

"Robert Neumair is one of the most gifted and talented musicians I know", that is what Anton Ludwig Wilhalm said about his trumpet partner. Other musicians are of the same opinion.

The above mentioned piano teacher Bruno Elzenbaumer wrote in an email to Robert: "It was a real pleasure to work with you starting at your age of 6. I remember very proudly your first piano lesson where you played page 6 from Emonts teaching book. In the second lesson you played an Bach-Intention and in the third lesson a sonata by Mozart already (!!!)."

And Robert Neumair solely stated: "Playing with Bozen Brass is something very special :-)".