Norbert Fink

As usual, young Norbert Fink wanted to enter the Brass Band of his home town Lengmoos. So he started learning french horn in the local music school.

But besides music he had another passion: From the age of 10 to 17 he was a keen ski racer and trained in the ski resort of Rittner Horn, the highest mountain of Ritten, close to Bozen, at 2.200 m.

He also went to highschool and later to the academy of music in Bozen and Carmelo Giacometti. This was followed by musical studies with Guido Corti in Florence and with Radovan Vlatkovic at Stuttgart Academy of Music.

Norbert Fink also attended several master courses lead by well-known hornists. He was member of Orchestra Giovanile Italiana, playing in famous Italian theatres. He also played in Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra for several years, conducted by Claudio Abbado and performing in famous concert halls in whole Europe.

Norbert Fink is also an experienced musical hornist and had several concerts with different orchestras as solo hornist.

Despite this career he never forget that he started playing music in the Brass Band of his home town Lengmoos/Ritten. He has been a member for 30 years now and the conductor for 12 years.

Norbert Fink - Horn
Norbert Fink

Norbert Fink has been hornist with Bozen Brass since 1991. For several year he was the youngest member of the band, and he still is the smallest one....

He is responsible for all office work such as taxes, financial matters and press relations....but also for fun and a good spirit on stage and backstage.

For insiders: Norbert plays on a horn by "Paxman" from London.

Apart from Bozen Brass

Besides Bozen Brass Norbert Fink has a temporary job as replacement in Haydn Orchestra of Bozen and Trient, in the South Tyrol operetta orchestra and for musicals of Bozen theatre. He is also involved in several orchestra and musical projects, plays with different woodwind and brass ensembles, with a french horn quartet and as solo musician.

Lately, he also enjoys improving his performance on the natural horn.
He is also a music teacher for french horn in South Tyrol's music school in Bozen and surroundings and trains young musicians in summer courses. It should not be forgotten that he is conductor of Lengmoos Brass Band, one of 6 (!) Brass Bands in his home town called Ritten.

During musical breaks you may meet Norbert Fink with his motor saw in the woods or on his mountain bike cruising Ritten mountains. Obviously he also likes skiing in winter and ice hockey, as a player or spectator.

Sometimes he wants to have some quiet and peace, but else he looks what is going on in the internet.

Norbert quotes from the past: "When I was a little boy I wanted to learn to play trumpet. Then I got a cassette with french horn concerts for Christmas, and then it happened. I fell in love with the sound of this instrument and I am still in love with it today!"

His colleagues know that he never refuses a good meal and drink, not only Mummy's Schlutzkrapfen, a Tyrolian dish ("they are gorgeous!").

Norbert "blows on everything", Anton Ludwig Wilhalm reported, and really - when the night comes - he takes the tuba without a mouthpiece or gets a clear c3 out of a trumpet....

When the ice hockey team of Rittensport is on the ice, Norbert is always with them in the concert breaks (and almost during the concert) and gets informations on the game via Live Ticker on his iPhone...

Norbert is comfortable everywhere, in nature and in big towns. Only concerning cars the answer is clear: It has to be a Swedish one.