Martin Psaier

Martin made his first musical experiments playing the guitar.

One year later (in 2001) he wanted to learn a "real" instrument, that is trumpet. But in the local wind band of St. Andrä there were already enough trumpets, so he decided to learn trombone.

After 5 years in music school he changed to the conservatory of Bozen where he graduated in 2011. Afterwards, he continued his studies in the Mozarteum of Salzburg under Prof. Dany Bonvin.

In 2015, he began something completely new - now he studies computer science at the Free University of Bozen.

Martin Psaier - Posaune
Martin Psaier

Martin Psaier (trombone) joined Bozen Brass in late 2013.

Apart Bozen Brass

When he has the time, Martin enjoys playing in the wind bands of Teis and St. Andrä where he started playing the trombone.

As a music student, he had the possibility to play in different orchestras, for example in the orchestra of

Tyrolean Festival Erl or as substitute in Haydn Orchestra Bozen.

Since completing his studies in computer science, Martin has been working as a software developer for ASA Hotelsoft