Brass musicians with passion

Being a brass musician is not only their profession, but also their passion. This passion for music is a recurring theme both in the history of Bozen Brass and the live of the 5 musicians. Whether they are creating new ideas for their concerts, rehearsing for them or showing it to the audience, training with young musicians or playing in other ensembles - passion and fervor make the difference between some compulsory exercise and a special experience, both for the audience and the musician, both for the pupils and their teacher.

What does this mean for every one of the musicians? You can get to know it in their portraits. You will not only find "official" informations concerning everybody's role in the quintet and the musical development, but also some personal fingerprints in words and images.


... and always with us

Stefan Mahlknecht, trombone, died in an airplane crash on 17.08.2013.